Symbiotic Cities the IwB 2016/17 Project!

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Join us for our 2016/17 project called Symbiotic Regions!

Each year we accept 8-14 students from diverse professional and educational backgrounds into our post-graduate Interdisciplinary Design Strategy (IDS) program. Working on a unique project taken on by the Institute, students experience a life-changing year of applied learning, teamwork, travel and personal growth.

Symbiotic Regions

During 2016-17, the IwB will explore different kinds of symbiosis that are occurring between the GTA’s cities. The key to our project is looking at the human experience of living across the region, and comparing it to the municipal frameworks that are currently operational. Our challenge is to demonstrate how cities can cooperate at a regional scale to better deliver services, attract investment and create more resilient social and physical infrastructure for living regionally.

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