The Dean’s Charrettes 2016!

Calling All Aspiring Creatives/ Designers/ Artists!

The Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology at GBC will be hosting its first annual Dean’s Charettes from May 9-20. The charrettes are a two-week course where you can learn about design thinking, systems design and collaboration in an intensive studio environment.

Tuition for this course is free!

And you can earn a charrette certificate and a chance to compete for a paid placement with one of the School of Design’s industry partners! Also students in graphic design, jewellery and fashion can use this as a program elective credit.

Students that participate will get a chance to work on one of the following themes:

The Future of I.T.
Explore how emerging technologies are influencing consumer behaviours, the flow of information and the future of banking systems.

Sustainable Cities
Explore design and building practices focused on creating sustainable solutions in urban planning and architecture.

Digital Transformation
Explore how industries in Canada are transforming in the digital age through interactive media and immersive technologies.

Breaking the Barrier
Explore ways to create an interactive multi-media performance that breaks the barrier between audience and performer using technology, fashion and design.


Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Apply today!


How to apply:

Apply to participate in the Dean’s Charettes to learn the skills that will take you from being an aspiring creative to a professional creative!

To apply please contact with your name, program and the theme you are interested in. An application form with more details will be sent to you.