Best of Design Week – “The Imperative Divide”!

The Imperative Divide listed as Best of Design Week 2015!


The IwB students’ “The Imperative Divide,” an exhibition for the TO DO Offsite Festival 2015 was listed as Best of Design Week by Designlines!

The exhibit was tagged and recognized in the Top 100 Designs of Toronto Design Week Category.

For TO DO 2015, the IwB students’s drew attention to the causes, outcomes and necessities of divide that enable societies to exist. The exhibit was part of the the Institute’s major research project in 2014-2015 called Connecting Divided Places.

Looking at different instances of division, the students created maps and infographics to explore the concept of division. The mappings looked at both positive and negative outcomes of different social, economic and environmental divides around the world. These maps ranged from natural evolutionary division like the development of different species across different continents to human made division such as the interweaving of moral and legal systems to oppress homosexuality.

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