2015 – Imagining Iveragh Charrette, KRY

Date: December 9, 2015 Category: , ,

Imagining Iveragh Charrette – KRY

In November 2015, the IwB students, faculty, and staff travelled to County Kerry to conduct research for the Interstitial Zones project and run a five-day charrette called Imagining Iveragh.

Interstitial Zones is a major IwB initiative and partnership with the Kerry County Council, and other local stakeholders, in southwestern Ireland. The project focuses on creating sustainable economic development that will provide new job creation in the region. Imagining Iveragh was the first academic charrette held for this project.

Team 1 proposed “KRY”, a new identity for the region that plays on the name Kerry and uses ‘cry’ in the sense of enthusiasm and pride of the Kerry people. The cry of the land, the sea, and the people; a call out to invite others to come experience Iveragh’s natural landscape. The video summarizes the team’s concept.

To find out more about this project see the Imagining Iveragh project page.