2014 – Regional Ecologies, Gateway Cities

Date: December 4, 2014 Category: ,

Regional Ecologies, Gateway Cities

Gateway Cities (2013-2014) was a project conducted by the IwB and its partners that looked at regional connectedness by focusing on the regional systems that cross state and city boundaries between Toronto, New York City and Chicago. The project resulted in several designs for ‘better ways of living regionally,’ including a publication called The Atlas of One Delta. The video captures The Atlas and highlights from the Gateway Cities project.

Credits: L. Ferrara, L. Endes, C. Pandolfi, M. Kapogines, M. Natividad, P. Dias, J. Mac, Campfrie Productions, F. Anderson, A. Herrera Betancourt, A. Nascimento, D. Cotterell, R. Iacocca, T. Kienitz, M. McCloskey, M. Mohit, H. Parkes, D. Sager, K. Watanabe

Made possible with help from: Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), The Living City Foundation, George Brown College