Roxanne “Roxi” Nicolussi

Date: September 23, 2021 Category: ,

Roxanne “Roxi” Nicolussi
Service Design, Research and Development, Shopify

Roxi is an entrepreneurial design strategist, futurist, and speaker. With a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation and over five years in design strategy roles, she has done everything from running discovery research to leading international roll-out of new innovations. By day, you’ll find her solving complex problems as Staff Service Designer at Shopify. By night, you’ll find her future-proofing small businesses and sharing knowledge on a stage or in a classroom. She is also Founder of the international social impact community: 5Y Impact Collective.

When she’s not solving problems, Roxi loves to travel and go running by the water (wherever she is in the world). This year, she has plans to practice surfing in British Columbia, Bermuda, and Costa Rica.

DESN 4012 Product, Systems and Service Design

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