Graeme Kondruss

Graeme Kondruss
Manager, Academic Space Planning & Design, GBC
Manager, Special Projects, IwB

As a designer and strategist, Graeme uses his array of experiences in architecture, planning, foresight and interdisciplinary design strategy to focus his academic and professional career on the study of space and its impact on social behavior. In doing so, he has helped to design and facilitate dozens of charrettes for public and private sector organizations in Chile, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, the United States and Canada.

Graeme is the Manager of Special Projects at the Institute without Boundaries where he works with a team of interdisciplinary designers to offer consultancy services in strategic planning, foresight, business development and stakeholder engagement. He is also the Manager of Academic Space Planning & Design at George Brown College where he continues to apply design methodologies and engagement strategies to plan and execute large-scale campus expansion projects.

Graeme is an alumnus of the IwB and holds a MA in Interdisciplinary Design Strategy.

Project Management
Event Planning & Coordination

DESN 4010 Major Project: Preparation
DESN 4021 Major Project Development


“Silence is so accurate.”

– Mark Rothko