Professional Practice

Social Media Strategy & Marketing for Fashion Industry

In this course, participants will learn the functionality and usability of the current social media platforms as they apply to the fashion industry. Through best practices and case studies, participants will learn how to build a unique social media presence, promote and grow their businesses, and communicate with their customers using a variety of platforms. Brand strategies and social media campaign development will be explored through an understanding of metrics and relevant analytic tools used in creative industries.

Faculty: Ana Caracaleanu

Course Code: DESN1171 CRN 84199

Fee: $350

Dates: July 9–July 23, 2016

Day/s: Sat, Sun

Time: 9am–12pm & 1pm–3pm
(July 24 9am–12pm)

Location: 341 King St. East Toronto

Room: 515

Introduction to User Experience Strategy & Design

In this introductory course, participants will explore user experience design (UXD) — its basic elements, the variety of tools used and the different approaches to creating, modifying and documenting it — as it relates to Internet-based applications. Students will gain the knowledge required to assess user needs and business requirements by using appropriate research tools such as observation, visual exploration, competitor analysis and user testing, and develop a UX strategy that will effectively deliver upon the specific mandate of the defined project. The essential qualities of good UXD in both desktop and mobile applications, including the differences between good UXD and poor UXD will be discussed through industry-based case studies. Participants will learn to design a digital application that will respond to the needs of the user and considers the requirements, and constraints of the project determined through research findings and insights.

Faculty: Matthew Humphreys

Course Code: DESN1172 CRN 84200

Fee: $350

Dates: June 20–June 26, 2016

Day/s: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur

Time: 9am–12pm & 1pm–3pm
(June 29 9am–12pm)

Location: 341 King St. East Toronto

Room: 517

Introduction to Design Vision

The goal of this course is to challenge participants in becoming visionary thinkers. Participants will be introduced to the methods that support creative thinkers in designing the vision of the future. Context-driven and interaction-centred tools will be explored through the different steps of iterative thinking and creative problem-solving. Through historical pattern analysis, trend forecasting and study of innovative, and disruptive technologies, participants will generate new concepts and ideas within their field of interest. Case studies of influential thinkers and visionary designers will bring insights to the transformative path undertaken by future thinkers.

Faculty: Bahar M. Hejazi, Juan Camacho, Luigi Ferrara

Course Code: DESN1182 CRN 84208

Fee: $375

Dates: August 2–August 23, 2016

Day/s: Tues, Wed, Thur

Time: 1pm–4pm

Location: 341 King St. East Toronto

Room: 515