Maker Economies

Collection Development Through Conscious Design

This course introduces the participant to the conscious exploration of artistic principles and design methodology through experiencing the different development phases of a fashion collection. Participants will learn to fully master their visual dialogue, articulating a clearly defined, original and differentiated collection while expressing and embodying their individual ideas and concepts with a clear brief and target market in mind. The course cultivates original inquiry, critical investigation, conceptual development and visual language skills; building blocks that are essential to incubating and fully developing a designer’s creative identity and design philosophy. Participants will learn how to capture, analyze and interrogate visual communication codes, stimulating innovative thinking and experimental design. Participants are provided the necessary techniques needed to contextualize consumer analysis, design research, collection development, production cycle and visual promotion of the designer’s narrative. Through this journey, the participant will develop a holistic vision of the creative process and establish a sustainable design methodology towards the creation and professional porEolio presentation of a capsule collection. The course is divided into four key phases: Consumer and Market Research, Fundamentals of Conceptual Research and Design, Line Planning and Product Development, Visual Communication and Production. These concepts will be delivered through inspired presentations and relevant demos, creative projects and hands on experimentation, market field trips and key industry guest speakers.

Faculty: Anouk Natalya Willy

Course Code: DESN1174 CRN 84247

Fee: $375 + approx $80–$150 for art supply and AGO ticket

Dates: August 2–August 23, 2016

Day/s: Tues, Wed, Thur

Time: 1pm–4pm

Location: Fashion Exchange, 63 Regent Park Blvd Main Floor, Toronto, ON M5A 3H6

An Introduction to the Internet of Everything (IoE)

This Introduction to the Internet of Things course is designed to help participants learn to create sensors that can collect data to potentially help solve global problems in the environmental, industrial, manufacturing and health care fields. Participants will get to know and analyze data, things, and connections (data networks). They will learn to create sensor/actuator systems using some of the smallest and most popular microcontrollers and single-board computers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi and write software using the Python programming language to provide functionality to microcontrollers and single-board computers. Upon the completion of this course, participants will be able to develop basic end-to-end system models for connected things to facilitate the collection of a variety of types of data. This course will be delivered through lectures, self-guided instruction and hands-on labs covering an introduction to electronic components, data types and analysis, computer networking, the Linux Operating System, microcontrollers and single board computers, as well as Python programming.

Faculty: Jorge Olenewa

Course Code: DESN1175 CRN 84203

Fee: $375 + $230 for materials

Dates: August 2–August 17, 2016

Day/s: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur

Time: Mon,Tues,Fri:9am–12pm / Thur:12pm–3pm

Location: Casa Loma Campus

Room: E419

Introduction to 3D Printing

Participants will learn how 3D printing works and will be introduced to the different types of 3D printers that are currently available. They will be introduced to the world of Physibles (3D printable objects freely traded on the internet) and will be shown how to both download and print an object. They will also learn how to use free software to design their own creations in a manner suitable for 3D printing. Participants will also be introduced to the pipeline that is required for taking an idea from design to 3D print.

Faculty: Christopher Turner

Course Code: DESN1176 CRN 84252

Fee: $350 + $300 for materials

Dates: July 11–July 25, 2016

Day/s: Mon, Tues

Time: 9am–12pm & 1pm–3pm
(July 26, 9am–12pm)

Location: 341 King St. East Toronto

Room: 520

Faculty: Christopher Turner

Course Code: DESN1176 CRN 84253

Fee: $350 + $300 for materials

Dates: August 2–August 15, 2016

Day/s: Mon, Tues

Time: 9am–4pm & 1pm–3pm
(Aug 22, 9am–12pm)

Location: 341 King St. East Toronto

Room: 517